Pasta packaging machine

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Highly performing, automatic packaging machines up to 40 drop rates per minute
Suitable for alimentary products in grains dry and fresh, dosed volumetrically or by weight

The CVM models are the ideal solution for automatic moulding and weighing of packages containing short dry pasta, long, nest-shaped and filled pasta using various devices and accessories, which the machines can be equipped with. The flexible, thermo-welding, packaging material is taken from a reel, moulded by the proper tube, welded on the vertical side and then sealed horizontally on the two sides.
The dosing groups (either volumetric or by weight) are electronically controlled by PLC and programming keyboard.
All parts in contact with the product are in stainless steel AISI 304.

Model equipped with the following:

  • vibrating loading case with elevator belt;
  • electronic weighing unit for packages from 200 up to 1000 grams or volumetric doser;
  • moulding tube at choice;
  • date-stamping device applied to horizontal welding bars;
  • electric control panel equipped with PLC and programming keyboard.

Upon demand:

  • optic eye for centered printing;
  • ink-jet, hot-stamping printer;
  • gas-injection device;
  • double vibrating channel for packaging in chute;
  • square-bottom moulding tube;
  • inclined version for special shapes;
  • equipment for fitting of seal, clip or twist;
  • compressor;
  • version entirely in stainless steel.

Special constructions are carried out upon demand.