Vacuum extruded process pasta

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Fully automatic, in stainless steel
Production ouput exceeding 200 Kgs/hr
Equipped with centrifuge per-mixer, the machine is compact reliable and not expensive

Automati extruder entirely made of stainless steel; evolution of the proven experience and reliability of models MAC180 and MAC200 VR to which we have fitted a new concept Centrifugal Pre-Mixer to attain an automated production in continuous. The Pre-mixer enable to mix uniformly all the ingredients composing dough which will be then hydrated and extruded. Mainly suitable for the fitting in short and long pasta lines. Equipped with speed variator, this machine is also ideal for the production of flat pasta in direct coupling with forming machines, nesting machine, cutting machine. Model MAC200 VC is equipped with vacuum extrusion device aiming to remove air microbubbles from dough while the extrusion cylinder is equipped with safety pressure switch for the control of extrusion pressure.

Model equipped with the following:

  • volumetric dosing unit for liquids by volumetric;
  • centrifugal pre-mixer completely dismoutable;
  • extusion cylinder with interspace for the cooling by control thermostat;
  • horizontal extrusion head equipped with safety pressure switch;
  • pasta-cutting group with adjustable speed and relevant blades;
  • vacuum device complete with vacuum pump;
  • eletronic speed variator.

Upon demand:

  • vertical head with pneumatic removal of pasta die;
  • automatic flour feeding directly to the dosing hopper (capacities available ranging from 250 to 450 lts);
  • automatic feeding of eggs or liquid additives by tank (capacities available ranging from 150 to more 600 lts);
  • closed circuit plant for the cooling of extrusion cylinder;
  • impulse cutting device for long and special shapes;
  • penne-cutting device;
  • motors and control panel with special voltage.