pasta production extruder

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The new series of Extruders model MAC 400 - 700 - 1000 has been engineered and manufactured by highly technological series equipment, thus being particularly suitable for the production of special shapes of high quality pasta. The fully automatic and independent Extruder is equipped with all components required for running on board of the machine, among which Cooling plant by closed-loop temperature-control system, vacuum pump and electric control panel. The Extruders are equipped with reliable and modern components connected to a running-friendly electronics but they also keep all those traditional processes unchanged that enable to obtain really high quality product. This can be obtained thanks to use of a proper and exclusive, patented Centrifuge pre-mixer, double mixing basin enabling sufficient hydration times and compression screw made by variable geometry, special profiling.

Model equipped with the following:

  • Patented centrifuge pre-mixer mod. T1000;
  • PLC for accurate control of raw materials dosing devices, setting of recipes and production lots;
  • N.2 working stations equipped with “soft touch” panels at the operator’s disposal for total control of the Extruder functions (dosages, speeds, levels, alarms, safety);
  • Double mixing basin in stainless steel and “total vacuum” extrusion device fitted to the extrusion basin;
  • Extrusion group driven by parallel-axle gearbox and thrust bearing in oil bath, equipped with compression screw by differentiated profiling between the loading area and the compression area;
  • Die head equipped with electronic pasta cutter and hot-air ventilation device;
  • Hydraulic power unit used for automatic extraction of compression screw and pasta die;
  • Automatic temperature-control system for independent control of the start-up and maintenance temperatures of both extrusion cylinder and dieholding head.

Upon demand:

  • Flour feeding from loading hopper and flexible conveyor to the doser;
  • Extra egg-dosing device complete with flux regulator;
  • Extra doser for flour/durum wheat flour;
  • Micro-doser of powder ingredients;
  • Micro-doser of liquid ingredients.