Alimentary pasta aluminium racks

Machinery for the alimentary industry must comply with high hygienic standards and this is mostly true as far as drying or dehydration of fresh alimentary products is concerned. Our company propose a new technological solution: looms featuring light alloy profiles in anodized aluminium and heat-resistant, polyester meshed-net, suitable for any kinds of static drying of products to be dehydrated, such as fruit, vegetables and, of course, pasta. These looms are used for any kind of handling, either manual or automatic thanks to their sturdiness and non-deformability.


  • Light, sturdy, easy-to-handle, non-deformable structure
  • Made in anodyzed aluminium light alloy
  • Minimum friction enabling smooth running
  • Absence of sharp edges
  • Profile shaping featuring housing guides
  • Heat-resistant, polyester meshed-net
  • Enabling full hygienization


  • LOW 30 mm, suitable for sheet-pasta and lasagne, special shapes and soup pasta
  • STANDARD 50 mm, suitable for standard pasta shapes
  • HIGH 70 mm, for special pasta shapes (large volume)