Machine transfer dough batch

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Ideal for “batch” preparation of dough and feeding to sheeters or forming machines for special type pasta

Capacity entirely built in stainless steel, equipped with ladder and access footpath.
The ideal machine for the dough mixture direct feeding to sheeters or forming machines for special types of pasta.

Its main feature is discharging the dough mixture directly and automatically into the receiving basin beneath, eventually equipped with control level.

According to the different models, the mixing basin, equipped with shovels (inclination adjustable) and “Transfer” device, has a capacity of 65 - 100Kg. of dough mixture; if it is provided with a centrifuge pre-mixer mod. T1000, it can produce in CONTINUOUS up to 600 Kg/h of dough mixture.


  • special voltage motors; 
  • centrifuge pre-mixer mod. T1000;
  • automatic flour feeding;
  • automatic water/eggs feeding.