alimentary pasta dryer

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The automatic, continuous lines for the production and drying of short-cut pasta from 300 up to 1.000Kg/hr have been engineered and manufactured to meet all the producers’ requirements for easy operation, simplicity and quality of the artisanal plant to be part of a more industrial and automated project that still retains a very valid qualityto-price ratio.

Technical and technological specs of the machines making up the line:

  • Single-screw extrusion body equipped with patented centrifuge and double mixing basin for feeding of the total vacuum Extruder.

  • Pre-dryer by five vibrating tiers: stainless steel structure, looms and panelling that can be easily opened and cleaned. Heating system by finned heat exchangers running either by hot or overheated water, served by axial electro-ventilators suitable for treatment temperature up to 80°C.

  • Continuous dryer featuring mats in thermo-resistant, polyester mesh made up of two technological areas equipped with independent climate control probes; predrying, drying and stabilization areas. The panelling that can be fully opened all along the machine perimeter is made up of AISI 304 stainless steel panels with internal insulation of 20 mm rock wool and injection of highdensity polyurethane of 60 mm, thus totalling 80 mm total thickness. The mats in thermo-resistant, polyester mesh by 1700 mm width supported by stainless steel bars with chain tow, are equipped with independent, variable-speed gear motor that is controlled by the inverter from the main line control panel. The loading and distribution device of the product onto the drying mat is made up of a light metal structure and stainless steel mesh driven by eccentric mass motor-vibrators by adjustable intensity. The heating groups are made of winged exchangers running either by hot or overheated water, served by axial electro-ventilators suitable for high temperatures. The air exchange group is made by inlet and exhaust pipings and proportional opening valve that is fully in stainless steel.

  • Cooler served by high-performance axial fans that draw air from the ambient or - upon demand - through freon evaporators or glycol water running exchangers. Transport of the product is effected on polyester mat driven by variable speed, independent gear motor.

  • Electric control panel equipped with PLC and colour touchscreen, enabling software integration with PC controlled, supervision system.