Cooling tunnel ambient air

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Used in fresh pasta production lines before packaging
Particularly suitable for non-filled, regional noodles

The product must be cooled after the pasteurization and drying phase and before packaging, so as to avoid condensations and product sticking in the bag.
Pasta machine entirely in stainless steel, of modern conception, whose dimensions change depending on the specific user's requirements and on the available room. 

Cooling is effected by ambient air which is conveyed directly onto the product, so we recommend installation in a dry, cool place. 
Direct ventilation on the product is carried out by variable speed, axial fans.

Pasta treatment time depends on the conveyor speed, which is electronically controlled by inverter.
The conveyor belt is made in alimentary polyester net, usable width 700-1000-1200-1500 mms.
Upon demand an air filtering device can be supplied.

Technical data and size are supplied upon demand depending on model and dimensions of the pasta machine.