The dry pasta production lines have always featured high technology, reliability and flexibility enabling to produce - besides traditional products - also special shapes by means of cutting devices and additional machines studied to meet the user’s requirements.

Our experience enable us to manufacture plants and complete lines dedicated to the widest companies contexts featuring output from 100 up to 1.000 kg per hour thanks to continuous, fully automatic Extruders equipped with Centrifuge pre-mixers and vacuum extrusion devices combined with low-temperature, static drying or continuous drying systems. Independently on the production output a valid Extruder is essential for each plant and production line in order to ensure maximum quality and also enabling customization of dosage, mixing and production depending on the raw materials used and type of product to obtain.

Some small models of Extruder and Dryer have been studied to carry out lab tests and are destined to medium-sized companies wishing to reproduce - from the practical side - the production technologies for short-cut and long pasta, in order to check the raw materials, study new dough mixtures and produce new shapes thanks to which the packaging volumes will be determined.

macchine pasta seccaImpianti per nidi lasagne e formati speciali

Linea pasta secca Linea produzione continua pasta Impianti pasta senza glutine

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