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Instant Pasta

ITALPAST technology for the production of instant pasta best optimizes your plant production phases. Patented systems such as the calibrated dosage of the ingredients, the total vacuum mixing groups, the steel extrusion groups with special HP profile screws are the main strength to obtain a homogeneous and long-run excellent product in accordance with high quality standards. The entirely electronic control by PLC and the possibility to automate dry pasta lines also featuring robotic systems for the handling of accessories (such as trolleys and trays), optimize the production process.
Our company offers its customers a 360-degree-advice on the type of shape and on the choice of customizable sauces for everybody’s taste.
The technology of steam based thermal treatment with the use of special thermoplastic meshes for the pre-cooking treatment of the product and the control of the gelatinization degree, guarantee an extremely homogeneous final result also after the product rehydration phase.
The experience gained in the fresh pasta sector and the numerous cooking systems installed made ITALPAST become a best-selling manufacturer all over the world.
ITALPAST engineers and manufactures semi-automatic lines with drying in static cells and automatic lines for short pasta with  continuous dryers up to 1000 Kg/h.

Pick our Short pasta or Multipurpose lines to produce INSTANT PASTA, combining this new product technology with traditional pasta. Our team of expert technicians will be at your service to study solutions dedicated to the different requirements.

Dried pasta mixed with totally natural dehydrated sauces, without additives, hydrogenated fats and flavor enhancers. A wide range of flavors that improve the taste of INSTANT PASTA studied and produced in cooperation with co. VIA DELLE INDIE S.r.l., a leading company in the field of spices and aromatic herbs, dehydrated sauces and other natural flavored products.

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