Artisanal pasta factories are labs for ideas where imagination, creativity and professionality of many pasta makers find their highest expression.

The artisanal pasta lab makes the best traditional typical products obtained thanks to control of the raw materials, search of shapes and reliability of the equipment to use.
This field still allows growth scopes mainly for those companies that can combine artisanal qualities and genuineness  to technical innovations with a view to increase output.

The execution quality of the production process, however, must come from the artisan’s  experience and attention to the elements characterizing the very process: ingredients, equipment, processing techniques, checks while producing, compliance with the hygienical-sanitary provisions.

Having these targets in mind Italpast engineers and manufactures machines and plants for DRY and FRESH pasta, offering an important technical and technological support from initial advice to the training during start-up, thus lowering costs and increasing profitability.

Manufacture of special equipment for the production of artisanal “handmade” pasta enables to study  modern, environment-friendly  labs with our Customers, labs that also feature low energy consumption.

In the products types and production process fields Italpast R&D team has engineered and manufactured many labs for the production of special pasta such as dietetic, “functional” pasta,  health-conscious pasta, gluten-free pasta, protein-enriched pasta that can reduce processing impact on the raw materials to the minimum, thus enhancing at the same time the organoleptic and nutritional features.

macchine pasta artigianale corta Macchine pasta artigianale lunga Macchine pasta artigianale ripiena

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