Pasta weighing machine

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Suitable for coupling with automatic packaging machines for long-cut pasta (spaghetti)
Maximum drop-rate of packages: 20 strokes per minute

Pasta machine running electro-pneumatically composed of the following:

  • product-collection device from the stick-removing machine equipped with stainless steel, single-portion dosing unit, vibrating mixing slides, volumetric portion dosing to feed the bucket elevator transferring the product to the weighing machine;
  • partial, dosing group with structure in epoxidic resins paint, vibrating zigzag slide for product accumulation, pneumatic volume dosing group for partial weighing and automatic discharge into the weighing basket;
  • finishing, dosing group composed of zigzag slide controlled by electronic board and flux regulation shutter, weight detection system made up of electronically controlled weigher enabling relative reading of weight, control of product in chute, control of partial and finishing dosing phase and manual setting of tare. Weighing basket in stainless steel with pneumatic opening synchronized with the packaging machine.

Number of weighings per minute: 20 approx. for 250 - 500 gram bags
Electric control panel located on the machine.
Total power: kW 1.5
Compressed air consumption: 20 litres / min. - 6 Bars.