Automatic spaghetti stick-removing machine

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Simple, reliable pasta machine, suitable for operating in semi-automatic lines for production of spaghetti and long, dry pasta

Pasta machine engineered to complete semi-automatic production lines for spaghetti and long, dry pasta.
The sticks carrying long, dried pasta are placed by the operator into the accumulation section, where a conveyor belt feeds them into the machine.
The sticks are removed automatically and the product is spread onto cogged belts transferring the long pasta through the cutting section.
A double set of saws cuts and trims the pasta at the required length, collecting the scraps in a proper container.
At outfeed the product can be put into proper containers or discharged directly into the feeding device of the packaging machine.
The sturdy machine frame is made in painted steel, while all parts in contact with the product are made in stainless steel AISI 304.

Two versions are available:

  • Mod. 600, for small outputs starting from 100 Kgs per hour;
  • Mod. 1200, for higher outputs from 250 up to well over 800 Kgs per hour.