Packaging machine pasta

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Automatic weighing/packaging machine for grain products: the ideal solution to shape, fill and close bags from 200 up to 1000 grams
Packaging speed: max. 8-10 drop rates per minute

Automatic weighing/packaging machine for short pasta representing the ideal solution to shape, fill and close bags from 200 up to 1000 grams. Simply to operate it ensures good packaging speed and easy servicing/adjustments.
Main features are following: packaging speed up to max. 8-10 cycles per minute and PLC-controlled electric plant. All functions can be modified by touch-screen.
The packaging material is taken from a reel, wrapped up around the moulding tube, vertically and horizontally sealed, then driven by the horizontal welders fitted on mobile trolley.

Standard version complete with the following:

  • loading hopper for feeding of the synchronized bucket elevator;
  • bucket elevator for product transfer to the weigher;
  • weighing device by single electronic weigher with double vibrating channel;
  • date-stamping device complete with punches fitted on the welding bar;
  • 1 pc moulding tube for various pasta shapes different in weight and volume;
  • optic eye for centered printing;
  • elevator conveyor belt for collection of the bags moulded by the packaging machine.