Packaging machine long cut pasta

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Suitable for automatic packaging machines for long-cut pasta (spaghetti)in flexible packages made in polypropylene or similar material
Maximum drop-rate of packages: 20 strokes per minute

Maximum drop rate: 20 bags/minute depending on the weighing group fitted.

Complete with the following:

  • special feeding conveyor 1500 mms. in length, suitable for long pasta with double chains, internal blades, product gliding plane in stainless steel and penumatically-running paring device made in plastic material;
  • driving unit composed of couple of wheels and longitudinal welders;
  • cross welding by impulse-operating bars mms. 300 in width;
  • variable bag length;
  • reel-holding support protruding from the bottom, max width of film mms. 600;
  • outcoming mat 1000 mms. in length;
  • device enabling to stop the machine when welders are open;
  • optic eye device for centered-printing;
  • ink-jet printing device;
  • electric control panel manufactured as per the CE standards (CEI EN 60204-I) - Volt.380/400 - 50Hz- 3ph.

Total power: kW 3,5 
Compressed air: minimum pressure required 6 Bars.